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Weaving Webs Across Oceans: Feminist Anti-Nuclear Solidarities

Dr Catherine Eschle discusses her research on transnational solidarity between Greenham women & Indigenous communities in the Pacific.

February 6, 2024
Senate Room, Queen's University Belfast
16:30 - 18:00

Dr Catherine Eschle will discuss her current research on transnational solidarity politics between Greenham women and Indigenous communities in the Pacific and North America, with a view to expanding understanding of the spatial, temporal and racial politics of UK feminism/antinuclear activism.

Catherine is a feminist International Relations and social movements scholar with a longstanding interest in feminist critiques of the global nuclear order. In recent years, she has sought to develop a feminist antinuclear research agenda which takes coloniality more seriously: doing so requires serious attention to Indigenous and anti-racist perspectives most often found outside of IR; it also shifts dominant framings of the spatial and temporal dynamics of nuclear politics, and expands feminist antinuclear sources and voices. To that end, Catherine co-coordinates (with Shine Choi of Massey University) the international, interdisciplinary FemNukes research network, which recently produced a special section of International Affairs bringing together feminist and decolonial approaches to the nuclear order. 

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