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Members of the Centre for Gender in Politics are involved with an ever-growing number of projects. Find details about some of our past and present projects here, and follow us on Twitter to ensure that you get the up-to-date news about what we're involved with.

Our Research at the Centre focuses on three main themes, Gender in NI Politics, Feminist Peace and Security and Feminism(s) and the Politics of Crisis. If you are working on a related project and would like to work with the Centre to develop your project, please be in touch with us. 

  • Gender at Queen's

    Gender at Queens

    As we further develop our work with the Centre for Gender in Politics we are also mindful of recognizing related ongoing work on Gender in Politics at Queen's University Belfast. Beginning in January 2020 are working on a website that will feature this work of those already doing work on gender at queens. This will include attention to not only research but also activist and student engagement.

  • Feminist Peace and Security

    Feminist Peace and Security

    • Is Women, Peace and Security feminist?
    • What does it mean to promote a feminist foreign policy?
    • Feminist activism in sites of conflict

    We have taken up our Feminist Peace and Security theme with a seminiar series for 2019/2020. Please see events to learn more about our invted speakers and upcoming events.

  • Feminism(s) and the Politics of Crisis

    Feminism(s) and the Politics of Crisis

    • Anti-gender politics and populism
    • Responding to Climate Change
    • Feminist Economics