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Dr Jamie J. Hagen


Dr Maria-Adriana Deiana


Dr. Clara Fischer

Feminist theory, Social and Political Theory, and Gender politics



Dr Merav Amir 

Security; Borders; Feminist & queer theory


Dr Yassin Brunger

Feminist perspectives on international law; Sexual & gender-based violence; Transitional justice


Professor Debbie Lisle

Tourism; Militarism; Everyday Life; Borders; Technology; Security; War; Representation; Surveillance


Dr Francine Rossone de Paula

Feminist diplomacy; Postcolonial/decolonial theory 


Jess Simonds


Maritime security


Dr Giulia Carabelli

Urban studies; Affect theory; Empire


Dr Sarah Jankowitz

Grassroots peacebuilding; victimhood; reconciliation


Danielle Roberts


Policy and Development Officer, Here NI


Alexa Moore

Director, Transgender NI


Selena O'Doherty


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