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Woman, Life, Freedom - Transnational Solidarities, Agency & Feminist Knowledges

November 16, 2022
Queen's University Belfast University Road Belfast BT7 1NN
16:00 - 18:00

This panel conversation aims to situate current women-led protests and revolutionary organising in Iran within the wider lineage of transnational feminist solidarities in the region, paying particular attention to the rich history of women's and feminist activism, creative political praxis and theorising.

Our panellists will focus on the history of Kurdish and Iranian feminist activism and discuss the role of art, aesthetics and creative methods in the context of the Woman Life Freedom Revolution


Based at the Centre for Gender in Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, Azadeh Sobout’s current research and teaching focuses on transnational feminism, political space and the role of art, aesthetics and creative methods in revolutionary practice. Her upcoming publication Travelling Arts and the Syrian Revolution investigates the intersection between memory, embodiment and representation in creative revolutionary practices.

Neslihan Yaklav is currently a postgraduate student in the MA programme Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at QUB. She is also an activist in refugee and asylum seeker issues. She is interested in colonization, necro-politics, social armed movements and revolutionary women's struggle in the Middle East.

We are grateful to Bahar Demirtaş for allowing us to use her artwork for the event poster. She is originally from Northern Kurdistan and Transnational Solidarity is very close to her heart. See more of Bahar's work at:

This event launches our seminar series Transforming Peace, Mediation and Security: Feminist and Queer Communities Making Change.

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