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PhD studentships

2024 PhD Projects in CQMT

We welcome applications from students wishing to undertake a PhD in the Centre for Quantum Materials and Technology starting in September/October 2024. Please also feel free to contact CQMT academics directly to discuss potential opportunities.

Current projects:

Molecular Magnetism investigations assisted by Machine Learning, Dr Solveig Felton

Molecular Magnetism and Machine Learning, Dr David Wilkins

Nanoscale Stress-induced Functionality in Ferroelectric and Functional Oxides via Writing and Patterning Using the AFM, Dr Amit Kumar

NV Centre Microscopy based Quantum Sensing: Testing Theoretical Predictions with Experiments, Dr Amit Kumar

Twistronics and Novel Functional Interfaces in Ferroelectrics, Professor Marty Gregg  

Microstructural control of thermal transport in oxide materials, Dr Ray McQuaid

Electromagnetic Coupling Effects in Thin Film Ferroics, Professor Marty Gregg

Joule heating in atomic wires, Dr Tchavdar Todorov

Photon-Mediated Interactions among Solid-State Quantum Emitters, Dr Hamidreza Siampour Ashkavandi

Novel Synthetic Magnetic Structures for All-Optical Magnetic Recording, Professor Robert Bowman

Understanding thermal transport in ferroelectric materials using molecular dynamics and machine learning, Dr Gareth Tribello

Exploring surface-chemistry driven effects in ferroelectrics, Dr Miryam Arredondo

Exploring domain continuity in polycrystalline ferroics, Dr Miryam Arredondo

"Hard” metals: Looking for alternative material for high temperature applications, Dr Lorenzo Stella

Quantifying Energetic Resources in Quantum Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis, Dr Gabriele De Chiara

Simulating Linear and Nonlinear Spectroscopies of Aqueous Systems, Dr David Wilkins

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