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The Democracy Unit


The Democracy Unit provides a vibrant intellectual space for academics who conduct research on the subject of democracy and wish to discuss their work with other researchers, the public and the policy community. Established as a research centre in 2019, The Democracy Unit organises seminars, public lectures, colloquia and major international conferences. Members of the Democracy Unit are committed to engaging with the public and are prominent contributors in the media. We frequently advise policy makers at the highest level, locally and internationally, on various aspects of democracy and we partner with a major Northern Ireland think tank: Pivotal. The subject of democracy is a core feature of our educational provision and we offer teaching on the normative and empirical features of democracy at undergraduate and postgraduate level and supervise a wide range of PhD students. The Democracy Unit is part of a global network of academics studying democracy and benefits from international links with other successful research centres. Our academic work on various aspects of democracy is often published in the most prestigious journals and publishing presses and is highly cited by other scholars.