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Prof. John Garry (lead)

Voting, elections, referendums, deliberative democracy and citizens’ assemblies.


Dr Christopher Raymond (deputy lead)

Elections, political parties, religion and politics, and parliaments


Dr Keith Breen (deputy lead)

Contemporary political theory, and democratic politics of the workplace


Prof. John Barry

Climate breakdown, low carbon energy transitions, and democratic theory and politics


Ann Watt

Director of Pivotal, the QUB/UU policy think tank  


Prof John Coakley

Irish politics and democracy, and comparative political institutions


Dr Elodie Fabre

Political parties, elections, and devolution


Dr Viviane Gravey

Policy making in the EU; post-Brexit governance of the environment in Northern Ireland


Dr Jonathan Kuyper

Deliberative democracy, international political economy, international organisations, and normative theories of ethics


Prof Rhiannon Turner

Specialist in social psychology and imagined dialogue and the challenge of preserving democratic civility


Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh

Irish politics and democracy, public administration, and public policy


Rebecca Kerr

PhD student focusing on right wing politics, populism and democracy in Europe.


Dr Cillian McBride

Deliberative democracy, recognition, and democratic participation


Dr Paula Devine

Director of the annual Northern Ireland Life and Times survey which provides high quality measures of attitudes of Northern Ireland citizens over time.


Prof Brendan O’Leary

Democratic institutions, Northern Ireland, Ireland and EU politics


Charlene McKibben

Political thought, populism, democratic theory, deliberative democracy and radical democracy


Dr Jamie Pow

Democratic innovations, political psychology, elections, and the politics of Northern Ireland


Lisa Whitten

PhD candidate who studies the constitutional future of Northern Ireland