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Understanding Unbelief

Understanding Unbelief


£2.3 million from the John Templeton foundation

PIs: Lois Lee (Kent)

Co-PIs: Stephen Bullivant (St. Mary's), Miguel Farias (Coventry), and Jonathan Lanman (QUB)

Understanding Unbelief is a major new research programme aiming to advance scientific understanding of atheism and other forms of ‘unbelief’ around the world. As well as core research, the project will include grant competitions providing £1.25m for new research and public engagement activities. 

Launching in January 2017, Understanding Unbelief will be based at Religious Studies at the University of Kent

The programme has been developed in relation to the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies’ project, the Scientific Study of Non-religious Belief (SSNB). The SSNB website provides methodological resources for the Understanding Unbelief programme. 

For more information, including information on funding opportunities provided through its grant competitions, see the Understanding Unbelief website. 


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