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  • The UK Universities Mediation Competition (Solicitor Only)
    This competition takes place in January. The team comprises of 4 members. Each member will have the opportunity to conduct a mediation during the course of the competition.
    The competition is held at universities throughout the UK. 
  • Louis M Brown International Client Counselling Competition (Solicitor Only)
    This is a client counselling (interviewing) competition. The team consists of two solicitor trainees.
    The national round of the competition is hosted by the Law Society usually in December.
    The international competition takes place in April. It involves the team conducting a number of interviews with clients on a predetermined area of legal practice and offering appropriate advice.
    The competition has been held in a variety of venues including the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA.
  • The International Meditation Competition (Bar Trainees Only)
    This competition is hosted by the international Academy of Dispute Resolution. The team comprises of three members. The competition takes place in March every year at different venues around the world. There are usually upward of 40 teams representing Law Schools from around the world.
    During the competition trainees will have an opportunity to mediate a mediation with a mediator from another jurisdiction.
    There is a strong educational emphasis in this competition. The competition is usually preceded by several workshops on aspects of mediation.
  • The Eoin Higgins Memorial Moot (Bar Trainees Only)
    This moot is held annually in memory of the late Sir Eoin Higgins.
    The moot is between team comprising 4 trainees from the Institute and a team from Kings Inn Dublin. The moot usually takes place in February.
  • International Negotiation Competition (Bar Trainees Only)
    This competition is open to law schools throughout the world. Each team consists of two members.
    During the competition, competitors will have the opportunity to negotiate a number of rounds representing different parties. There is often an opportunity to negotiate a multi-party negotiation.
    The competition usually takes place at the end of June/early July at venues throughout the world.