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Belfast Region City Deal Vacancies

At Queen’s, under Belfast Region City Deal’s Innovation Pillar, we are delivering three new Innovation Centres to lead the way for a brilliant new region. It’s an exciting time for the University and its industry partners as we work together to ensure the success of these Centres in advanced manufacturing, clinical research and secure, connected digital technologies. This will help us meet our vision of delivering inclusive, sustainable economic growth and bringing about real-world progress.

As these projects develop, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join the central Belfast Region City Deal programme team at Queen’s, as well as teams across the three Innovation Centres and within wider University departments.

Innovation at Queen's is creating meaningful change and we play a key role in Northern Ireland's social and economic development: the University was ranked 1st in the UK as the most entrepreneurial university in 2019 and 2020 (Octopus Ventures Impact Rankings). Through QUBIS, our commercialisation arm, we have created more than 100 technology spin-outs and 3,800 jobs.

We aim to build on and elevate existing research and industry excellence to put these Innovation Centres, and Northern Ireland, on the global innovation map. We are working closely with university colleagues, local councils, government and local and global businesses to expand our knowledge and deliver these ambitious projects. Joining a City Deal project at Queen’s offers an outstanding opportunity to become part of something bigger and deliver tangible impact. Find out more below about the latest opportunities below.

We are always looking for talented new people to join the City Deal team, and we hope you will consider our team for your next opportunity. We look forward to meeting you.

#2 University in the UK for entrepreneurial impact (Octopus Venues 2022)

Created more than 100 technology spin out companies, generating £323m in revenue
(Through QUBIS)

Secured £155m in capital investment for Northern Ireland

Innovation centres in Belfast Region City Deal expected to deliver £1.9 - £2.6bn in additional GDP

About the Belfast Region City Deal

As part of the £1bn Belfast Region City Deal, Queen’s is leading three projects under the innovation pillar of the Deal: the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC), Global Innovation Institute (GII) and the Institute for Research Excellence in Advanced Clinical Core (iREACH).

What is a Region City Deal?

1. They are transformative. City Deals are injections of capital funding from central and regional government to stimulate wider, inclusive growth.

2. They create strong partnerships. They enable regions to create new infrastructure for innovation and regional development. However, it’s the creation of partnerships between the public and private sectors that make City and Growth Deals so significant in what they can achieve.

3. They are a reset button. They allow us to come together and think about what our industries really need and what will genuinely benefit our communities, setting up the potential for genuine and sustainable economic transformation.

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