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Story Maps

Story maps are a way of combining interactive mapping with local knowledge and historical research to create an accessible and engaging learning resource which brings local stories to a wider audience.

Cleenish story map

Discover the forgotten stories of a group of World War One veterans re-housed on Cleenish Island in County Fermanagh.

Based on their original research, the Bellanaleck Local History Group has pieced together the fascinating story of eleven veterans who were provided with farm holdings on Cleenish, a beautiful but relatively isolated island in Upper Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh. The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork were then able to help the group present their research in an interactive story map which can be viewed here.

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Cranfield Story Map

Explore the archaeology and history of Cranfield Old Church and Graveyard, County Antrim

The Creggan Local Heritage Group had previously carried out a survey of the inscriptions within Cranfield Graveyard. In winter 2016 a detailed GPS survey was carried out of the graveyard. This included plotting the position of all the funerary makers, as well as masonry supports and the landscape topography. Each funerary marker was photographed and the inscription transcribed. The condition of the monuments were also recorded. All of this information was gathered together to make the StoryMap which can be viewed here. Created by the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork, Queen's University Belfast for the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership and the Creggan Local Heritage Group.

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