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Trial Steering Committee


The purpose of the Trial Steering Committee is to provide strategic oversight of the HaBio clinical study. There is representation on this Committee from Queen’s University Belfast (Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology), Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Centre, Randox Laboratories Ltd and patients.


The objectives of this Committee are:


1.    To prepare annual reports


2.    To monitor and review:

a)    Recruitment progress

b)    Sample analysis and data analysis

c)    Quality control

d)    Ethical amendments

e)    Financial awareness

f)     Public participation

g)    Publicity

h)    Publications

i)      Website


3.    To determine action points to facilitate the satisfactory progress of HaBio.


Mr Sam Gray, Consultant Urologist from the Ulster Hospital chairs the Steering Committee which meets on a quarterly basis.  The Steering committee has overall responsibility for the trial with appropriate input from the Clinical Committee.  At times, where additional expertise is required, the Steering Committee may call on advice from appropriate Advisory Board members.