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Jack Trial
The results are in!

The results of the Jack Trial RCT were published in the Lancet Public Health. This was the first randomized trial of a CSE programme to show a significant increase in contraceptive use for both adolescent boys and girls. The trial also demonstrated that the programme increased adolescent boys’ and girls’ sexual health and healthcare knowledge, improved gender-equitable attitudes, and increased intentions to prevent unintended pregnancy.

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If I were Jack is a new comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programme designed to engage boys and address masculinities. The programme has proven to be successful in helping both adolescent boys and girls avoid an unintended pregnancy. If I were Jack is based on a gender-equality, also known as a ‘gender-transformative’ approach. It is specially designed to engage males and transform masculinities to be more consistent with gender-equality...

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About Jack
What is 'If I Were Jack'?

If I Were Jack is an evidence-based, user-informed educational intervention targeted toward young people aged 14 years designed to prevent teenage pregnancy and promote positive sexual health. It is unique in its focus on effectively engaging with boys and young men, and the incorporation of an interactive video drama co-produced with young people and policy experts.

What is If I Were Jack?