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Year 1 & 2 - Family Medicine

Year 1 & 2

Introduction to Family Medicine

Due to Covid19, we have to deliver the programme differently for 20-21.

The revised study guide is available at the link below:

FA Tutor Guide Year 1+2Sept 2020 COVID

You will find lots of practical tips on using ZOOM on the GP Tutor resources page of this website.

Q+A for ZOOM Family Medicine teaching


Students will be preparing their joint reports and personal reflections and have to submit these by email to their GP tutor (cc’ing in by the 19/4/21.  In order to simplify things, we have created a MS form (link below) that I ask you please to fill in for each student. This follows the same format as other years – marking the joint report, marking the personal reflections, space for brief feedback on both the report and the personal reflection. The form will not tally the total score for you and because of this slightly different format, the maximum score for the report is 25 and the personal reflection 5, 30 marks in total. Also, the form does not lend to the usual guidance re penalties for word count, so if you can just tick the box on the form about their word count, we will look after this (all information is on the form). Could you also give on one of the forms some feedback on how this module ran this year, bearing in mind that we are currently looking towards 21/22 with no certainty about what regulations might permit.  

Please complete marking by 3/5/21 – if this is problematic, please contact Dr Grainne Kearney; Lead for Year 1 & 2 Family Medicine;

 Introduction to Family Medicine Form

For Year Two

The final tutorial should have taken place around the 18th of March with the students’ giving presentations that will constitute their assessment for this module.  We have created a MS form (link below) to fill in for each student on their presentation. In the past, you would also have been assessing/giving feedback on their contributions to the tutorials and their logbook but for obvious reasons, this is not the case this year.  Please complete the MS Forms before Thursday 1 April 2021. 

Year 2 Microsoft Form


The course runs for the first two years of the undergraduate curriculum and comprises of the “Family Attachment Scheme” (FAS) in first year and the “General Practice Experience” (GPE) course in second year. Where possible we endeavour to make sure that second year students return to the practice they attended in first year.

N.B. This  is available only to those GP Practices within a 15 mile radius of QUB.

In the first year of the FAS there are five tutorials, all of which will take place at your general practice premises.  In addition, students will be visiting patients in their own homes by mutual arrangement and in students’ own time.

In the second year GPE component, the students will be attending your general practice premises for 5 teaching sessions.  During this time, students will be divided between various activities, some of which will take place in the practice and some which may be external to the practice (e.g. visiting a patient at home or visiting a nursing home).  These activities should be designed to give students early insights into the pivotal role general practice plays in delivering care to patients.

Students have been asked to make sure they know how to get to your practice, and to allow themselves sufficient time to do so.  Please let your staff know about the scheme and that students will be contacting the practice prior to the first tutorial. We have asked each student group to nominate one of their number to facilitate communications and to contact the surgery in advance to double check details. We supply all the contact details including a “Google map” reference with the Family Medicine Placement information online.

You should be reassured that recent research suggests that your patients are very enthusiastic about the scheme and enjoy the students’ visit.  Additionally, the FAS receives enthusiastic feedback from the students and received particular mention during the GMC visit in 2017.

A tutor guide is provided for all practices taking these students. It is designed to give you an overview of the composition of the first and second year components. It includes learning outcomes and suggested activities for the sessions in practice.