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Year 1 & 2 - Family Medicine

Year 1 & 2

Introduction to Family Medicine

Provisional plan for Year 1+2 Family Medicine 2021/22

Our hope for 21/22 will be a return to what Family Medicine was in the pre-pandemic years, students back in Primary Care learning through their direct experiences with patients and Primary Care staff.

However, it remains to be seen which restrictions may continue into the Autumn. If necessary, this module may run in a hybrid model, with a combination of face to face and remote learning, with the GP tutor and their patients at the centre.

What is Year 1+2 Family Medicine?

Family Medicine provides students early clinical contact with patients and a glimpse into the busy and dynamic world of Primary Care. It is a formative learning experience for students who often reflect that it helps them to see ‘patients as people’, their opportunity to what they reflect to be ‘real life medicine. Family Medicine is an early adopter of the expansion of time that Queen’s University Belfast medical students spend learning in General Practice, their early taster of connected Primary Care based placements throughout the five year curriculum.


What will it involve for me as a tutor?

GP tutors can take Y1 or Y2 students, many choose to take both!  In Y1, Family Attachment, GP tutors are allocated groups of 8-10 students. The GP tutor matches the students in pairs to patient/families in their practice whom the students make contact with through the year. The GP tutor facilitates five afternoon tutorials through the year to support students’ learning. In Y2, General Practice Experience, GP tutors are allocated groups of 8-10 students. The tutor facilitates five afternoon tutorials through the year where students can learn about the world of General Practice through contact with patients and members of the Primary Care Team.


Recent tutor feedback

This was the first time I was involved in the Module. The engagement and insights of the students was really amazing (and that over Zoom!).  At the end we all had the feeling we were 'connected' in a way, we learnt and progressed together. The 'themes' were descriptive and not prescriptive therefore it could be adjusted to local specifics and practice logistics. The 'themes' were very relevant to contemporary primary care and 'medicine'. The students were fascinated that so much healthcare is happening in primary care.


The study guide for 20-21 is available at the link below:

FA Tutor Guide Year 1+2Sept 2020 COVID

A range of practical tips on using ZOOM can be found at the link below and on the GP Tutor resources page of this website.

Q+A for ZOOM Family Medicine teaching


You will find below 2 helpful videos; one on communication skills for Family medicine and another shares personal feedback from students following this currciulum module