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Change Request


A Change Request should be submitted to the Digital Operations Group (DOG) by the website owner / editor. This process is used to request content and/or functionality changes to an existing website, or to request a meeting for guidance on the best practice for any required changes. The following list is an example of when a change request should be submitted:

  • URLs: This is a very important area for consideration. Any required change to a website URL, be that as part of a rebrand, merger, or part of departmental or organisational restructure should be submitted to the DOG. The smallest change to an existing URL can have negative and wide-ranging implications for a website. Let us guide you through this process and make you aware of every consideration.
  • Integrations: Any third-party integrations that are required including blogs, forms and other external platforms. We can assess how best this integration will work in the Web CMS and review accessibility requirements before anything is published.
  • System Assets: Request an upgrade to one of the latest available styles or access to content templates.
  • Content consultancy: Request information about Website Information Architecture (IA), content development help and guidance and how to write for your audiences.
  • Accessibility consultancy: Not sure if your content complies with accessibility, submit a request and we can review and provide advice.

The Process

Step 1: Ensure the appropriate member of staff completes and submits the 'Change Request' form. Please include as much information as possible about the request when submitting the form.

Please note: If you would like some advice or to discuss your requirements before submitting the change request, please log a support ticket via the IT Service Desk.

Step 2: If your change request submission relates to a URL change for an existing website or section, please download our 'Web CMS - URL Change Checklist' below. This is a very useful resource, that will help university staff understand the requirements and considerations involved with changing a URL. We recommend that staff begin working through the checklist as soon as possible to understand requirements, make use of resources, and prepare any notes or questions they might have in the advance of meeting with a member of the Web Support Team (WST).

Step 3: The change request submission will be discussed by members of the DOG at the next scheduled meeting. Members will review the submission details and agree a course of action.

Step 4: A member of the DOG will be in contact to advise on the outcome of the submission, or in some circumstances, if more information is required, request a meeting with the member of staff who submitted the request.

Step 5: If the change request is approved, a member of the WST will work with the website owners / editors to discuss the request, the work involved and provide an estimated timeline for implementation. The website owners / editors are responsible for building accessible website content relating to the request whilst ensuring that the assets used are sourced responsibly and appropriate permissions obtained.

Step 6: When the request has been completed and is ready to be published on the live university website, the website owner / editor will agree a go live date with a member of the WST.

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