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University exams from home in Malaysia: My experience

Taking exams from home may not be the easiest thing to do, but Malaysian Law Student Yi Kang Choo, has found the process has set him up for success.

Laptop, book and pen

While face-to-face learning has been cancelled at the moment and classes have moved online, traditional assessments at Queen’s have also changed so that now we can all complete exams at home within a designated period.

Online lectures prepared us for our exams

Before our actual assessments, I received multiple emails from the School of Law and my lecturer on the exact procedures of our exams. The university communicates quickly and regularly with us to make sure we don’t feel too anxious before our exams. There are online lectures via Microsoft Teams to share some timely tips and to answer any questions. We also use the Discussion Board in Canvas to clarify any doubts about the exams with our lecturers and tutors.

Screenshot of the Canvas VLE interface
Online Courses in Canvas (Virtual Learning Environment – VLE) Canvas I

Open Book Assessments: a week to complete

My exams all started in May and personally, I think the way the school arranged my timetable was very thoughtful and practical. As a second-year LLB law student, I have three main modules to be examined on, with a paper for each module. The school gives us a full week to complete one paper, with a few days in between before our second paper the next week. Even though this means that my total exam period will be a month.

“It is extremely reasonable and helpful for most of us who are very much affected due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic outbreak.”

Our wellbeing is looked after to allow us to do the best we can

We are also allowed to defer some of our assessments, if we were unable to submit them on time due to certain reasons such as health-related issues. There are alternative assessment opportunities, besides our take-home exam, if we think we are  unable to undertake them. Some courses even have flexible measures whereby students do not need to undertake their exams and can be assessed instead, based on their academic performance throughout the year.

Empty desks in an empty classroom

I know I am being given the best opportunity to succeed

The university is constantly updating its information for students which I find very reassuring as I know I can try my very best in the upcoming exams, and the university will always have my back – taking into account the challenges we are currently facing as students.

To everyone who is doing their exams, be it in high school, college or university, I wish you all the best of luck. Learning and having exams at home may not be the easiest thing to do, but let’s be grateful our education is not significantly disrupted.   

Photo: Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law