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Belfast: A City that Breathes Culture

Colombian student Isabella explains why it is impossible to be bored in Belfast, with an array of concerts, art exhibitions and cultural events regularly taking place in the city.

Belfast City Hall
Belfast City Hall

Before moving to Belfast, I was very worried about encountering a city that made me sad and bored. Belfast has a reputation for being a place where it rains a lot, and it is very breezy with a slightly cold climate; this made me a little predisposed about the type of activities that could be done here and about the type of events that could be held to attend.

But what a surprise I got, because this city is not quiet at any time of the year, and it is very attractive for many artists, fairs, and organisations to hold all kinds of events. Every weekend I have something to do (apart from my academic commitments, of course - wink, wink) because in Belfast there are always plans to have fun if you are a fan of music, art, sports, etc.

For House Music Lovers

Have you ever heard of Shine in Belfast? This information is for you if you like electronic music, house, techno, or any of their derivatives. Shine organises events of different types in the city, especially involving Dance/house music, and whose history is particularly related to the Queen’s SU because Mandela Hall was the stage where these events took place.

Dom Dolla performing at the Telegraph Building

Dom Dolla at the Telegraph Building

Without a doubt, the students at this prestigious university have always liked to have fun. Shine continues to hold this type of event in different venues around the city, with guest artists from all over the world. I recently had the opportunity to attend a set by the prestigious Grammy nominee DJ producer Dom Dolla at the Telegraph building. It was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life.

Classical Music with Candlelight

I'm sure you've seen the advertising for the candlelight concerts on your Instagram or YouTube. These concerts are held in the most important cities of the world, including Belfast, of course. This is a unique experience that you should take the most out of, Candlelight concerts offer a unique and magical atmosphere, where the soft and warm lighting of the candles creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere that enhances the live musical experience.

Tickets are affordable and attendance is a great support for local artists. I attended the concert at St Anne's Cathedral in homage to Hans Zimmer's productions.

Candlelight concert in Belfast

Candlelight concert at the Cathedral

Temporary exhibitions at the Ulster Museum

If you like to appreciate art, the Ulster Museum is always doing temporary exhibitions of well-known artists. This museum is free, however, for this type of exhibition, you usually have to pay a ticket. Don't worry, there are always low-cost fees for students.

Don't miss the opportunity to go after your uni classes to enjoy this emblematic museum of the city and see beautiful exhibitions of artists from all over the world. I was recently able to see the temporary exhibition of John Lavery, a Belfast-born artist widely recognised for his impressionist style. These are works that you can't miss and that will bring you closer to the local history of this beautiful city.

John Lavery exhibition poster at Ulster Museum

John Lavery exhibition

These, among other types of experiences, are offered in Belfast. There are many concerts, festivals, and culinary events coming. Belfast is a city that is always on the move and does not remain static.

It is always at the forefront of everything that happens in the world and always ready to offer the best of it and give the best experiences to its inhabitants. It's just a matter of paying attention to the details and allowing yourself to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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Isabella Barros De La Rosa

Violence, Terrorism and Security | Postgraduate Student | Colombia

Hello, my name is Isabella Barros, I am 24 years old and I am from a beautiful city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia called Barranquilla. I am currently pursuing my master's in Violence, Terrorism and Security at Queen’s.

I am very into running and outdoor activities. That's why Belfast is so amazing to live in, because of the landscapes, and the spaces for this kind of hobby.

Besides running and studying, you can find me in any bookstore, wandering around the city, or enjoying a pleasant coffee in a cute cafe!

Isabella Barros De La Rosa