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Health and Safety Consultative Committee

Terms of Reference:

The Committee provides the opportunity for employees to participate in the development of strategic health, safety and welfare policies for the University. Its purpose is to:

(a) Provide a forum for formal consultation and communication with employees on health, safety and welfare
matters at work.

(b) Assist in the development of safety management structures, systems of work and procedures.

(c) Review Health and Safety aspects of future developments in processes, machinery acquisitions, equipment and
materials and the introduction of any new measures which may affect employees’ Health and Safety.

(d) Review and assist in the development of safety training programmes.

(e) Review the effectiveness of Health and Safety communications within the workplace

(f) Review the arrangements made by the employer for appointing or nominating competent persons for advice on
health, safety and welfare at work.

(g) Review accident and occupational health trends.

(h) Review the outcome of safety audits.

(i) Review Health and Safety proposals and plans.

(j) Review resources for the achievement of plans and objectives. 



Current Members


A Senior Academic

Professor D Jones

Ex Officio:

Director of Estates (or nominee)

Mr P Erwin


Occupational Health Physician

Dr D O Todd


Safety Manager

Mr R G Butler


Chair, Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Committee

Professor S Patrick



A Head of School

Professor  L Johnston


A School Manager

Mrs A Doherty



Eight Trade Union Safety Representatives (UNITE, ATGWU, NIPSA, RCN, UCU safety representatives as appointed by T.U. Safety Representatives Committee)

Mrs J O’Connor

Mr P Larkin

Mr B O’Loughlin

Mr N Devlin

Mr H Lewsley

Mr J Kissick

Ms E Captain

Dr ATrudgett

Mr E Abu-Khiran









A Student representative

President, Students’ Union 

In Attendance:

Relevant University Officers

As Required

Serviced by:

Human Resources Directorate

Reports to:

Health and Safety Management Group


Receives reports from:


Health and Safety Management Group

Health and Safety Compliance Committee / Project Groups

Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Committee

Schools and Directorates as required

Other committees and advisory groups as appropriate

 Updated January 2013