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Health and Safety Management Group

Terms of Reference:

This Group is responsible for: 


Making recommendations to the University on policy and strategy relating to management of Health and Safety, including, inter alia:

  (i) Policy development.  
  (ii) Structures and systems for the effective management of Health and Safety.  
  (iii) Plans and objectives for continuous improvement.  
  (iv) Adequate resources for the achievement of plans and objectives.  
(b) Monitoring the implementation of policies and procedures, as agreed by Senate and/or the Planning & Finance Committee.
(c) Developing Health and Safety training programmes.
(d) Reviewing Health and Safety performance and making recommendations for improvement to management.
(e) Reporting to the Planning and Finance Committee, through the normal management structure on Health and Safety issues.


Chair   Vice-Chancellor's Representative
Ex Officio:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty)
2 Senate Representatives
Director of People and Culture
Director of Estates
A Head of School (or representative)
Chair, Health and Safety Consultative Committee (Acting)
University Safety Manager
Chair, Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Committee
University Trade Union Safety Representatives
Student Representative (or nominee)
In Attendance:   Relevant University Officers as required
Occupational Health Representative
Serviced by:    University Safety Service
Reports to:   Planning and Finance Committee
reports from:

Health and Safety Consultative Committee
Health and Safety Compliance Committee
Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Commitee
Schools and Support Directorates
Other Committees and Advisory Groups as appropriate