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Honorary Degrees Committee

Terms of Reference:

Pursuant to Statute XVI -   

Honorary Degrees may be conferred on persons of distinction in letters, the arts, education, medicine, science, technology, sport, or professional life or for public service, service to the community, or for service to the University.

Responsibility for approving nominations for Honorary Degrees is delegated from Senate to the Honorary Degrees Committee. All decisions of the Committee will be, subsequently, reported to Academic Council and Senate at their next stated meetings.

The Honorary Degrees Committee will be appointed by the Membership Committee and will consist of the Vice-Chancellor (Chair) and an equal number of members of Senate (not being members of Academic Council) and Academic Council. 


Chair:   President and Vice-Chancellor
Ex Officio:    Four members elected by Academic Council
    Four members of Senate who are also not members of Academic Council
Co-optees:   Three Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors
In Attendance:    Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
    Relevant University Officers as required. 


Quorum:   4 members, including a minimum of 2 lay members    
Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:   Senate 
Academic Council
Receives reports  from:   Honorary Degrees Search Committee    

The Honorary Degrees Committee normally meets once a year, with extraordinary meetings arranged as necessary.