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Membership Committee

Terms of Reference: 

The Membership Committee will be appointed with responsibility for selecting persons for membership of the committees of the University on which Senate is represented. The Membership Committee will remain in place throughout the four year term of Senate. It shall ascertain the willingness of members of Senate to serve, if nominated, and in making appointments will:

(a)   Take account of the experience, expertise and interests of individual members and attempt to balance these with the needs of each Committee.
(b)   Make every effort to ensure a spread of the committee workload over as many members as possible.
(c)   Pay particular attention to the desirability of maintaining continuity in membership, while at the same time making allowance for the introduction of new members to add value to the work of individual committees.


Chair:   Pro-Chancellor 
Ex Officio:  

One Pro-Vice-Chancellor (nominated by the Vice-Chancellor)
Two staff members of Senate*
President, Students' Union
Two lay members of Senate *

(* Elected by ballot conducted electronically by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer or his/her nominee. The principle of proportional representation shall apply and each member shall have a single transferable vote in each constituency.)  

In attendance:  

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Relevant University Officers as required


Quorum:   3 members, including a minimum of 2 lay members    
Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:   Senate    
Meetings:   The Membership Committee meets as and when required.