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Nominations Committee

Terms of Reference: 


1.   A Nominations Committee will be established to bring appropriate recommendations to Senate in respect of its membership. The Nominations Committee will remain in place throughout the four year term of Senate. 

2.   The lay members of Senate and the member of academic staff will be elected through a ballot conducted electronically by the Registrar or his/her nominee. The principle of proportional representation will apply and each member will have a single transferable vote within each constituency.

3.   The lay assessors will be appointed by the Standing Committee, drawn from a Panel of potential members brought forward by the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar. 

4.   The Committee will, in the first instance, consider the number of vacancies within the ;ay membership of Senate. This will be informed by a report on those members who have served only one term and who have confirmed there willingness to be considered for a second, and final, term.


The Nominations Committee will seek suggestions of names for consideration from:

(i)   Members of Senate;
(ii)  Members of Staff:
(iii) The wider University community, through the University's website;
(iv) Members of the general public, through advertisement in the Northern Ireland daily newspapers. 


The Nominations Committee will consider all suggestions received in light of:

(i)  The advice given by the Committee of University Chairs in its Guide for Members of Higher Education in Governing Bodies in the UK.

(ii)  Information on the membership of the Senate according to constituency, gener, perceived community background, place of domicile etc.

(iii) The contribution made by those members willing to serve for a further period of office.

(iv) The need to attract new members from within the broad constituencies, inter alia, from business, commerce, the professions, education, the community, and public and other bodies associated with the work of the University. 


Chair:   Chair of Senate
Ex Officio:  

President and Vice-Chancellor
2 former lay members of Senate # 
1 member of Academic Staff, being also a member of Senate *
President, Students' Union
3 independent lay assessors (appointed by Standing Committee)

In attendance:  

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Relevant University Officers as required

# Who are not seeking re-election to Senate.

* Elected by ballot conducted electronically by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer or his/her nominee. The principle of proportional representation shall apply and each member shall have a single transferable vote.


Quorum:   3 members, including a minimum of 2 lay members    
Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:   Senate    

The Nominations Committee meets as and when required .