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Terms of Reference:

The terms of reference of Senate are derived from Statute VIII as follows:

“Powers of the Senate

1.    Subject to the provisions of the Charter and these Statutes the Senate shall have power to regulate and determine all matters concerning the University, shall exercise all the powers and discretions of the University, and shall by Regulation prescribe the form, custody and use of the Common Seal.  In exercise of its powers the Senate shall have regard to the obligations under the Charter to provide and maintain equality of opportunity to all persons.
2.   The Senate may delegate any of its functions and may withdraw any such delegation at any time.

The Senate shall have power to make and amend its  Statutes and Regulations for the general government of the University, subject to the following conditions:


No Statute or Regulation shall be altered so as to change the status, powers, or constitution of any of the Authorities of the University until such Authority shall have had an opportunity of pronouncing an opinion upon the proposed change.

The Authorities of the University are the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellors, the Vice-Chancellor, the Honorary Treasurer, the Senate, the Academic Council.

4.   The Senate may from time to time appoint Committees, including joint committees with the Academic Council, consisting wholly or partly of persons not being members of the Senate, with such powers and duties as the Senate thinks fit.  When appointing members to committees, the Senate shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the membership of the committees is representative of the diversity of the Northern Ireland Community.
5.   No resolution of the Senate seeking to enact, alter, amend or add to the Charter shall have effect unless:
    (a) any proposed amendments are brought forward and adopted at one meeting of the Senate;
    (b) a copy of the proposed amendments, updated to reflect any comments put forward by the Senate at its meeting, are forwarded to the Academic Council for consideration at its stated meeting;
    (c) the Senate has considered any subsequent representation made by the Academic Council;
    (d)   the Senate has confirmed the resolution with or without amendment, at a subsequent meeting held within six months after the former meeting. Resolutions (with or without amendments) must be supported by not less than three-quarters of those present and voting.
6.   The Senate shall prescribe from time to time Regulations/Procedures to govern all appointments of office holders and members of staff.
7.   The Senate shall have power upon receiving a report of the Standing Committee to take into consideration the conduct of any Holder of Office provided for in these Statutes (other than a person to whom Statute XII applies) and for good cause to remove him/her from his/her office; provided that the resolution for such removal shall not be carried unless supported by the votes of a majority of the then members of the Senate and unless due notice and opportunity for showing cause against the exercise of such power shall have been given to such Holder of Office provided for in these Statutes.”



Composition and Membership:        
Chair:    Chancellor   


Ex Officio:


Dr S Kingon  
Dr L O'Hagan               

    President and Vice-Chancellor   Professor I Greer
    Honorary Treasurer   Ms O Corr
    President, Students' Union   Ms K Ni Chleire
    2 members of Academic Council  

Professor D Fitzsimons
Professor P McKeown

    2 members of Academic Staff   Dr V Altglas
Dr L Hannan
    2 members of Support Staff  

Mr K Flanagan
Mrs D Hyland

    1 member of the Students' Union Council   Mr J Campbell
    1 Graduate representing Convocation   Mr E McMullan
    Up to 10 lay members  

Ms B Arthurs
Mr R Bailie
Mr A Doran
Ms E Graham
Mr K Jess
Ms M Matchett
Ms A McGregor
Ms M Regan
Mr A Shannon
Ms P Slevin

Secretary to Senate:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer  

Mrs J Clague

In Attendance:  




Professor E Flynn
Professor D Jones
Professor M Topping


Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors


Professor S Elborn
Professor N Hewitt-Dundas
Professor C Johnson


Relevant University Officers


As Required


Serviced by:    Registrar's Office
Reports to:   N/A
Receives reports from:   Standing Committee
Remuneration Committee
Audit Committee
Nominations Committee
Membership Committee

Academic Council
Planning and Finance Committee
Honorary Degrees Committee
Other Committees and Working Groups as appropriate


Senate normally meets four times each year with extraordinary meetings as necessary.