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University Executive Board

Terms of Reference:

(a) Development of integrated corporate plan in line with the approved vision;
(b) Development and implementation of approved strategies to support delivery of the corporate plan;
(c) Maintaining a general oversight of performance against the University’s strategic academic and related objectives;
(d) Initiating, and giving preliminary consideration to, strategy and policy matters in order to determine strategic directions for the University and to ensure that these are consistent with the institutional strategy and objectives;
(e) Formulating and developing strategic and policy issues, initiatives, (both internal and external) developments etc;
(f) Taking management decisions within the framework of the University’s agreed corporate plan and related objectives;
(g) Development and implementation of academic plans, including ongoing review in the context of an integrated planning and performance enhancement framework;
(h) Advising and, where appropriate, making recommendations to the University’s Academic Council and Senate and committees, on strategies and policies needed to achieve the University’s corporate objectives;
(i) Taking decisions on behalf of Senate or the Academic Council in circumstances where there is an urgent need;
(j) Advising upon such issues as may be referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or the Senate;
(k) Acting on behalf of the Senate or other University body on such matters as may be delegated to it.



Current Members


President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor I Greer

Ex Officio:




Professor E Flynn

Professor D S Jones

Professor M Topping




Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

Mrs J Clague


Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor



Professor S Elborn

Professor N Hewitt-Dundas

Professor C Johnson




Director of Finance

Mrs W Galbraith


Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Internationalisation

Ms I Jennings


Director of People and Culture

Mr A Finlay

In Attendance:

Relevant University Officers

As Required

Serviced by:

Vice-Chancellor’s Office


Reports to:


Academic Council – if required

Planning and Finance Committee

Receives reports from:

University Operating Board

Other University Committees and Working Groups as required

 Updated: January 2016