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University Operating Board

Terms of Reference:

The University Operating Board is responsible for the following:


Overall management and implementation of approved strategies and policies.

(b)   Reviewing and monitoring progress of the Corporate Plan and achievement of strategic objectives.
(c)   Advising and, where appropriate, making recommendations to the University Executive Board or other University bodies on strategic and policy issues.
(d)   Ensuring an efficient and effective interface between academic and academic support sectors.
(e)   Ensuring input strategies fully support and enable the achievement of the University's strategic objectives.
(f)   Advising upon such issues as may be referred to it by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer.
(g)   Acting on behalf of the University Executive Board on such matters as may be delegated to it.


Chair:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Ex Officio:  

Director of Operations - Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Director of Operations - Engineering and Physical Sciences
Director of Operations - Medicine, Health and Life Sciences
Director of Academic and Student Affairs
Director of Alumni Engagement And Philanthropy 
Director of Estates
Director of Finance
Director of Information Services
Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Communications and Internationalisation
Director of People and Culture
Director of Research and Enterprise
Director of Student Plus

In attendance:  

Relevant University Officers as required

Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:  

University Executive Board 
Planning and Finance Committee

Receives reports 
  University Officers, Committees and Working Groups as appropriate.
Meetings:   The University Operating Board meets every two weeks during the academic year.