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Academic Governance Committees

Download the Core Academic Governance Committee Schedule 2022-23

Access the academic governance committee papers and minutes (QUB staff login required)

Further information on all University committees, working groups and fora, including those that engage staff and student members in academic matters, is available.

The University’s governing body is Senate which is responsible for the ongoing strategic direction of the University, the management and administration of its revenue and property and general conduct of its affairs.  Senate has delegated responsibility for academic governance to Academic Council. 

In March 2021, Academic Council approved a revised academic governance structure with new subcommittees empowered to make decisions on behalf of the University, as outlined in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1


The subcommittees of Academic Council align to core University Strategies (Strands of Strategy 2030) or Frameworks as follows:

  1. Education Committee (Quality and Standards) – Quality Assurance Framework.
  2. Education Committee (Student Experience) – Education Strategy.
  3. Honorary Titles Committee – Honorary Titles Framework.
  4. Research and Innovation Committee – Research and Innovation Strategy.

Core, indicative schedules of business on academic matters for 2022-23 have been devised for each committee (see sections below) to enable committee members to plan for and engage in upcoming academic matters; to support committee members to actively represent their constituency; and to encourage wider staff and student engagement with academic-related developments, enabling better cross-University debate, planning and action, with resources focused on key priorities.  The schedules are flexible so that emerging issues can be included, and will be adapted to respond to changing priorities in the internal or external environment.