Monitoring Procedures

In addition to the key role of the University Coordinator  University Coordinator in maintaining routine oversight of the University’s collaborative arrangements, the following procedures are normally implemented to monitor validated/franchised programmes.

External Examining

External examiners for collaborative programmes of study are appointed by the University and, as for internal programmes, are required to submit annual reports, in a specified standard format, commenting on the programme and the examination process.

Annual Reporting

University Coordinators, in consultation with the collaborative organisation, are required to submit an annual programme review for each collaborative programme to the School Education Committee to be considered at the same time as the University’s internal annual programme reviews.  

The APR reports will be considered at Faculty APR meetings and a report sent to COG for consideration.  The CPG will report to Education Committee.  Feedback on outcomes arising from the APR process will be provided to Schools/Faculties for action and/or dissemination to hte collaborabie partner, as appropriate.

Additional Reporting/Monitoring Requirements

Additional monitoring arrangements may be implemented in respect of key University initiatives. This can involve the submission of a separate annual report for consideration by the CPG (e.g. the Annual Report of the Chief Moderator for Access Programmes) or the establishment of an internal committee and/or supporting working groups comprising key University staff to ensure a high level of ongoing scrutiny.  The latter is typically reserved for strategic initiatives, particularly those involving significant levels of initial or ongoing investment by the University (e.g. the INTO Queen’s Joint Venture and China Queen’s College).  University Coordinators will be advised of requirements as appropriate.