Deadlines and Key Dates

Key Dates for Programme Management

New Programmes for September 2019 entry

Schools are asked to note a two year lead-in as shown in the New Programme Approval FlowchartUnder CMA Guidance, new programmes should not be listed in University websites or publications, or advertised in any media until final approval has been granted by the University’s Courses and Regulations Group.

Schools are strongly advised to make provisional arrangements for a Programme Evaluation Meeting (PEM) in Semester 1, given that the availability of externals at short notice may be problematic. The PEM may only proceed if Approval to Proceed has been granted by the Faculty. 

 Courses and Regulations Approval DeadlineProspectus Information DeadlineYear
Undergraduate 16 December 2017 30 January 2018 2019-20
Postgraduate 6 June 2018 4 August 2017 2019-20

Please note that if these dates are not met new programmes will not be advertised in the relevant prospectus.

Changes to Existing Programmes commencing September 2018

Major changes to existing programmes must be submitted for approval by the Courses and Regulations Group by 28 February 2018.  This should be completed using the Programme Specification functionality in Qsis and accompanied by the Programme Amendment Form.

All Programme Specifications, including relevant documentation for minor changes, must be submitted via Qsis by 31 March 2018.

Withdrawal and Suspension of Programmes

Approval should be sought from Faculty Executive Boards normally one year in advance of the programme's withdrawalOnly in exceptional circumstances will the withdrawal of suspension of a programme be considered in the current recruitment cycle.