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Study/Placement Year Abroad Supplement


The University is committed to providing international study and work-related opportunities for all of its students. For most undergraduate programmes, such opportunities are currently available through an optional semester or year abroad during the standard three/four years of study. A small number of programmes include an integrated semester or year abroad either studying or on placement.

The introduction of Additional Year Supplements creates opportunities for students to complete an optional additional year normally during but also potentially subsequent to the degree programme and have this additional year of study abroad or placement recognised in the title of their degree. The award of the additional year supplement involves completion of module based on a University-approved template.

Additional year supplements are available for adoption by Schools for undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking a placement, international study, or a placement abroad.

Arrangements for, and the requirements for, existing degree programmes with an additional year's placement or study abroad are unaffected by the Additional Year Supplement, although Schools may wish to consider using the new additional year supplement option.


It is for Schools to determine which options they wish to make available and for which programmes, although it is expected that each Additional Year supplement option will be made available for most degree programmes.

Supplement Module Templates

The University has approved module templates for each Additional Year supplement option. It is for Schools to create the “Additional Year” modules for use by their students. These modules are to be approved by Schools in line with current module design and School quality assurance provision. The following pre-populated additional year supplement module templates are available:

Undergraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes

 International Study UG International Study PG
International Placement UG International Placement PG
Placement UG Placement PG

In approving the modules, Schools may add additional requirements of students, but should not deviate from the learning outcomes and assessment requirements in the template.

Approval Procedures

Following School/Faculty endorsement procedures as defined in the Programme Management Framework - Schools should submit confirmation to Academic Affairs of: School/Faculty endorsement; a completed “Additional Year” module template; a revised programme specification and a request to establish one of three new variants of existing programmes degree award titles i.e. a) “with International Study”, b) with International Placement”, and c) “with Placement”.

Where the option is being made available to students, the following, as appropriate, should be added to the relevant programme specification(s).

  • On successful completion of module XXXXXX Additional Year - International Study, the degree will be awarded with “with International Study”
  • On successful completion of module XXXXXX Additional Year - International Placement, the degree will be awarded with “with International Placement”
  • On successful completion of module XXXXXX Additional Year – Placement, the degree will be awarded with “with Placement”

A request will be submitted to Qsis to open the new relevant programme plan.

Student Support Arrangements

The University offers a network of support services dedicated to helping students get the most from their time at Queen’s, looking after their health, emotional wellbeing, education, study needs, financial security and future career.  Students, who find themselves in difficulties whilst undertaking an “Additional Year”, should in the first instance contact their School or Advisor of Studies.


For international students, owing to UK government visa requirements, the “Additional Year” option can only be made available via the creation of, and the recruitment of students to, a dedicated programme.  For further information, please contact Immigration Support Service.