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Academic Integrity

Date:  11 March 2020

This workshop will draw on work produced by DCU TEU (Teaching Enhancement Unit) as part of an Erasmus+ funded project. As part of this project, a resource toolkit for academics was developed to support academics design assessments that actively encourage academic integrity and tackle the challenge of contract cheating. The suite of resources in the toolkit includes a literature review publication; a set of twelve principles and related explanations; interactive glossary; self and team checklists; animated scenarios; VLE instructional resource; and a collection of case studies. The aim of this workshop is to use the toolkit to stimulate discussion and reflection with a view to reviewing and informing practices to promote academic integrity in assessment design. In addition, this forum will be used to explore mechanisms for student engagement and involvement in promoting and enhancing academic integrity. This is an essential life skill necessary for the graduate, the industry they enter, and society in general.

Upon completion of this seminar learners will be able to:

  1. Consider the role of assessment design in promoting academic integrity;
  2. Integrate Academic Integrity Principles in the assessment design process;
  3. Evaluate own assessment practice in relation to the Academic Integrity Principles; and
  4. Identify ways of involving students to promote and enhance academic integrity

Registration is via iTrent self-service for staff.  For Post-Graduates, Teaching Assistants and Students who wish to register, please email: