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Developing Digital Learning Skills

To develop your digital learning and development, please take the opportunity to explore the range of resources and courses below.

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Digital Learning
This resource will help you prepare for digital learning

Start here to find out more about what it means to learn online. It is a useful resource whether you are new to online learning or a returning student that needs a quick refresh.

It aims to bring together some of the main elements of online learning and provide you with a 10 step challenge to become a digital learner.

Here is a short video about the 10 step challenge to explain more.

Download the 10 Step Challenge Transcript

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Digital Development
Here are some resources specifically on digital development

You can utilize technology to enhance your learning in lots of ways – from study apps to time management. Find out more by clicking the links below:

  • Top Online Study Tools (blog) – Read this short blog post which introduces our Digital Study Tool Guide. Don't forget to get in touch with your own digital study tool suggestions!  
  • Think 21 online games and learning tools – The University of Edinburgh have curated resources on different areas of digital literacies and ‘Thing 21’ is dedicated to online learning. This is a challenge to explore the myriad of free ways to supplement your degree education with other skills and wider knowledge.
  • Digital learning - this resource by CIPD helps you to explore the different types of digital learning, including its benefits and challenges.
  • Time management (video) – In the current remote learning context, time management and organization are more important than ever. This presentation aims to support you in learning how to manage your time in order to make the most of being a university student, to help you to minimize stress and to build upon your organizational skills.
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Online Courses
You can take these online courses to further your skills and understanding of being an online learner.
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Watch the following videos to learn more about this capability: