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What is Digital Learning?

You can discover about the concept of Digital Learning and Development here.

Digital learning activities are the different ways you learn in digital spaces and with digital media. These might include participating online, using a wide range of digital media, recording and showcasing your learning, and producing digital outcomes for assessment. Effective digital learners are willing to try new approaches, but know what works for them and can be critical of technology when it is used inappropriately.

Discover more about the concepts of Digital Learning and Development by watching the following video, developed by students at the University of Derby.

Tips to build Digital Learning and Development
Digital Learning and Development - A Quick Guide

This infographic will help you to start to discover Digital Learning and Development. It provides you with some tips on how to build up these skills and details the importance of them for learning and in future employment.

To access, please click Read More.

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Adults learning in computer class. Attribute
Guidance at Queen's

To find out about Digital Learning and Development, take a look at the following guidance provided by Queen's:

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Other Resources

Here are some other resources to help you explore this important element of digital capability.

Thumbnail of the Digital Etiquette infographic
Being an Online Learner
The Queen's Digital Etiquette

Here are some tips that you can introduce to your day-to-day digital routine to enhance your online presence and digital etiquette.

You can download this resource by right-clicking on the image and then selecting 'Save Image to "Downloads"'.

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Study Tools front cover image thumbnail
Using Digital Tools
The Digital Study Tool Guide

Download and use this resource to explore the top online tools that every student should know about. 

Technologies change regularly so we will keep an eye for any updates. You can also help by suggesting anything good that you use for learning, email

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Vector image of girl sitting on books with laptop. Digital Glossary Thumbnail
The A to Z of Digital Learning
The Digital Learning Glossary

Deciphering technology acronyms and terminologies can be like learning a new language. Sometimes all you need is a short and simple explanation to get your head around a concept and remember it the next time it comes up. To help demystify the jargon, we have compiled a glossary of terms from a range of reputable web sources. It is intended that this list will be kept updated and we would welcome your input. Email us at for suggestions to be included in this glossary.

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