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Information, Media and Data Digital Skills

To develop your Information, Media and Data digital skills, please take the opportunity to explore the range of resources and courses below. 

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Information Literacy
Here are some resources on Information Literacy

Now that you know more about this capability, check out these resources to see how you can apply them to your study.

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Data Literacy
Here are some resources on Data Literacy
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Media Literacy
Here are some resources on Media Literacy
  • The Fake News Game – This interactive resource, developed by the University of Sheffield, is a really engaging way of learning more about Media Literacy and testing/developing you ability to read media. 
  • Understanding and questioning images using the five step process –To be media literate, you need to understand how to read different types of media – including images. This guide will help you to do this. 
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Workshops at Queens’s
Workshops at Queen’s

Information literacy training is coordinated by Subject Librarians working in three faculty teams.

Each School has a designated Subject Librarian. The Library Training Guide provides more information about the training they offer and lists upcoming events.

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Online Courses
Expand your knowledge of digital literacies with these online courses
  • Transition Skills - The information found and used along with the skills developed before reaching university are different from those needed during a degree course. The Transition Skills Online guide is designed to help you understand the transition in the context of Information Literacy.
  • Digital and information literacy for students – This is a free course from the Open University that familiarises students with information literacy. You can even earn a Digital Badge for completing it.

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