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Case Studies

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences    
Creative Arts Drama Rough Cuts
  Drama Introduction to practical theatre 1
  Music Performance Modules
  Music Technology Studio Techniques
History and Anthropology History Level 1: Transition and Skills
  History Deviant Moments in Britain and Ireland 1700-1900
Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work Social Policy Digital Society Case study
Engineering and Physical Sciences    
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering an interactive approach to introductory aerospace design
  Mechanical Engineering a validated approach to teaching engineering Maths
  Mechanical Engineering the introductory course
  Mechanical Engineering continuous assessment
  Mechanical Engineering Materials Top Trumps
  Mechanical Engineering first year fluids
Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering Architecture Architecture: one architect one building
  Architecture Writing Architecture Project
  Environmental Planning Environmental Planning: Design Principles
Medicine, Health and Life Sciences    
Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Medicine Multicultural Medicine
  Medicine Working with children with disabilities
  Medicine Interacting with patients