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Advice for Staff

What can TurnitinUK do?
  • Matches a student’s text with:
    • Current websites.
    • Archived websites.
    • Content from publishers with whom it has partnership agreements.
    • Other student content which has been submitted to the TurnitinUK database (95% colleges and universities in the UK subscribe to this service).
  • Saves time.
  • Acts as a deterrent against plagiarism.
  • Can be used as an educational tool to illustrate to students any inadequacies in their approach to paraphrasing and citing.
What can TurnitinUK not do?
  • Will not match a student’s text with:
    • Material which is not available online (eg most textbooks).
    • Online books and journals to which it does not have an access agreement.
    • Student content which has been submitted to databases from detection software other than TurnitinUK.
    • ‘Original’ essays purchased from essay banks/auction sites etc.
  • Make a judgement as to whether plagiarism has taken place.


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Frequent issues

Other Turnitin advice

Please look at the following information and advice for TurnitinUK users accessing Turnitin outside Canvas VLE which may help you with a range of queries.

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If your query is not listed below, please contact TurnitinUK helpline: 0191 6810 200, Option 5, Option 2.