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Qsis Training Courses

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Training for Qsis

Prior to gaining access to Qsis, all clerical and administrative staff must attend Qsis Fundamentals Training Part 1. Below you can find guidance on how to book onto this and other courses to develop your understanding of the system.

Please note:

  • All training courses below must be booked through iTrent.  For guidance on this, click here.
  • Directions to the Qsis Support training room may be found here.  Please note that the training room is suitable for wheelchair access.  Tea and coffee will be provided. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we would encourage staff to bring their own mug to training sessions.
  • If you are no longer able to make the course, or if you are unsure if a particular course is for you, please contact us.
  • Completed a Qsis training course? Help us to improve the quality of our courses by filling in a feedback form here.

Training Schedule

For further details of course availability and to book a course, refer to iTrent, available on QOL under  Services/Other/Training Courses.


Who should attend

When training occurs

Adviser of Studies

Academics who will be advising students on enrolment/classes.  Academics appointed as AOS during term may attend Fundamentals Part 1.


Bulk Completion Training

Compulsory for staff involved in Bulk Completion


Course Catalog and Classes (Beginners)

School staff who maintain courses and assessment 


Course Catalog and Classes (Refreshers)

School staff who maintain courses and assessment 

Online training (TBC)


E&R – Briefings

School Managers and staff preparing classes and students for the new term 


E&R Workshops – Preparation (block enrolment and class preparation)

School staff responsible for classes and enrolments  

August/ September

Grade Roster and Completion (Winter & Summer Graduation)

Staff who use Grade Roster (including ELOs. NB. This training includes guidance on Bulk Completion)

October/November and 

Grade Roster

Staff who are new to Grade Roster (including ELOs)

January, May/June

Grade Roster 

Staff who use Grade Roster (including ELOs)

Online training (TBC)

Qsis Fundamentals 
Part 1

Clerical and administrative staff who are new to Qsis.  Also suitable for academics completing administrative tasks in Qsis.

Once per month

Qsis Fundamentals 
Part 2 (Student Records)

School clerical/administrative staff who have completed Qsis Fundamentals Part 1

Recommended at least six weeks after Part 1

Research Student Lifecycle (RSL) - Schools

Administrative staff involved with Research Students


Research Student Lifecycle (RSL) - Students

Research Students

Online training or October on School request

Research Student Lifecycle (RSL) - Academic Staff

Academics involved with PGR students

Online training or on School request

Research Management including Nomination of Examiners Workshop for new or experienced staff

Staff contributing to, or wishing to understand, all stages of the management of the student's thesis on Qsis



Course Finder

Staff involved with Course Finder

In line with academic calendar

Programme Specifications

Staff involved with Programme Specifications

In line with academic calendar

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