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IS Projects

Information Technology Projects

Managing projects to improve IT for Queen’s University Belfast.

As the University's information technology organization, Information Services (IS) is committed to listen and lead the delivery of the technology services and information resources in Queen’s dynamic IT environment.

The Information Services Directorate is always working to improve our IT infrastructure and provide the best services possible for students and staff on campus and abroad.

Information technology is a vital element of learning, teaching, research and business in higher education.  The expansion of the University's use of technology and its global footprint increases the demand for advanced technological services.

IT Projects are high-impact, have a limited-term duration and can vary in scope and campus reach.  All projects, regardless of size, are undertaken in support of delivering on the University’s Strategic Plan, thereby furthering our mission of teaching, research and outreach.  Projects have unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

Listed below is a sample of project initiatives actively in progress within Information Services.

 KACE SMA (Systems Management Appliance)

 Service Desk Institute Certification

 VOIP Infrastructure Project

 Wifi Infrastructure Upgrade Project