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Service Desk Institute Certification

Service Desk Institute Certification

Digital and Information Services have embarked on the Service Desk Institute Certification service improvement programme driven by our goal to change the perception of IT services and demonstrate value to our customers.  It demonstrates our commitment to place staff and students needs at the heart of everything we do.  And will underpin our high level of professionalism, excellence and commitment to the support of our University students and staff.

The Service Desk Certification (SDC) programme run by the Service Desk Institute (SDI) is the international standard for IT Service quality, which will benchmark our service against global industry standards.

Our SDI Journey

Having achieved certification in 2023 and 2022, DIS will undergo a third surveillance audit in April 2024 with the aim to retain our three (3) star certification and improve upon our 2023 score 3.46.

The SDI audit recommendations will continue to be used as a driver for further improvements and staff development.  

Further information on The Service Desk Institute’s certification programme can be found here

Last Updated - 15Apr24