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Virtual Desktop

Queen's Virtual Student Desktop (QVSD)

Queen's Virtual Student Desktop is a virtualisation service that runs in the cloud.  The service is available to all students on any internet connected device and gives you secure remote access from anywhere in the world to your Windows applications as if you were using a computer in the library.

Use the service if you are unable to come on-campus for any reason or are on campus but unable to find a free PC.

Note you do not need QVSD to access Queen’s Online (QOL), Canvas, Office 365 or TEAMS.

You can connect to the QVSD from most devices, including managed University computers such as in the libraries, or Windows, macOS and Linux desktop or laptop computers, Chromebooks plus Android and iOS tablets or phones.

  • Gives you instant access 24/7 to a fully configured virtual University computer
  • Access a range of specialist software applications without the need to download on your personal or work device
  • Allows access to restricted web resources and University Filestores (Q Drive)

For the best experience in terms of speed and functionality, we recommend downloading and installing the Remote Desktop Client.