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Data Encryption

Mobile Device Encryption  

If you have a university owned mobile device, or you are using your own device for work purposes, you are responsible for the security of the device and the data processed on it.

Using Encryption

Encryption is simple to implement and easy to use, with little or no inconvenience to the end-user. The instructions below will take you through the general encryption process; you must read the instructions carefully and complete all the steps in order to ensure that data is not put at risk.

Encrypting a computer protects it if it is stolen, and gives peace of mind if it is lost.

Encrypting your devices

Is my device encrypted?

To check a Microsoft Windows® Laptop - Hit Start, type Manage BitLocker, then select Manage BitLocker – if Bitlocker is enabled the only option available will be turn BitLocker off -so your laptop is encrypted.

Should your device already be encrypted create a New Call in SiteHelpDesk.  In the Summary Field enter BDE, in the Description field enter the Make, Model and Inventory Number of the device you have encrypted.  Also include your Faculty/Directorate, Division and Department.

To check an Apple® device- On an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad), if it has a passcode, it's encrypted. On an Apple MacBook, you either look at System Preferences, Get Info on Finder, or else reboot it – if it asks for a login you are encrypted.

Should your device already be encrypted create a New Call in SiteHelpDesk.  In the Summary Field enter FileVault (MacBook) or IOS (iPhone/iPad), in the Description field enter the MakeModel and Inventory Number of the device you have encrypted. Also include your Faculty/Directorate, Division and Department.

For all other devices check manufacturer's instructions or refer to the Contacts section on this page.

Note: all of the encryption methods listed above require a password or other memorable data. Be sure that you remember this, or document it securely away from the encrypted device. If you forget/lose the password your data may not be recoverable.

Encrypting USB Drives and Email attachments

Further information and Contacts

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Last Updated: November 2020