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Multi Factor Authentication

As part of Queen’s cyber security strategy, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is now in use for anyone who accesses University IT services (e.g. O365 including Alumni/EMail for Life, Citrix, QOL etc.).

Most of us are already familiar with MFA (sometimes called Two Factor/2FA) authentication in our personal lives when using for example online banking.

For more information on MFA please see:                              

A phone is required for MFA to work.  It can be a landline (home or work - you need to be able to physically access the phone) or mobile (personal or work).

It is strongly recommend that you set up more than one authentication choice, Information Services advise using the MS Authenticator App as it does not rely on mobile coverage.

You are advised to select different choices that don’t rely on the same device, for example the MS authenticator app and a landline number.

To install the MS Authenticator app see