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Getting A Device And Getting Online For Your Studies

The University realises that access to IT support and a suitable computing device is more important than ever at the moment. On this page we have outlined help with how to choose a suitable device for your studies, examples of where to go to purchase a device at a discounted rate, and where to go within the University to ask for support if you do not have access, or the means to access, a device and/or a suitable internet connection.

What Type of Device Should I Buy?

There are many options and factors to consider that will influence your decision when buying a new device.  The information below can be used as a guide to help inform that decision.


Suppliers Offering Student Discount on IT Equipment

There are several suppliers who offer discounted deals on equipment to students in education. Below are some examples of the offers that are available from suppliers.


Sources of Support for Accessing or Purchasing a Device and/or Wi-Fi

If you don't have access to, or the means to access, a computer device or the internet, we can help you. Please contact one of the sources of support below. If you need help with your application to any of these schemes or other advice about your finances, contact