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Open Research Group Membership

Composition   Current Members
Chair: University Librarian and Assistant Director, Information Services   Mrs J O'Neill
  Head of Open Research  Mr D Holden
  Head of Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity  Ms L Dunlop
  Head of Special Collections and Archives  Mrs D Wildy
  Information Compliance Manager   Ms S McDonald
  Research Information and Insights Manager  Ms K Storey
  Senior Research Strategy and Policy Manager    Mr C Browne
  School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics  Dr K Breen
  School of Maths and Physics  Professor M Gregg
  School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences  Professor AJ McKnight
  School of Psychology   Dr J Dessing
  Senior Systems Analyst Dr V Purcell
In attendance:
  • Research Information Assistant, Mr P Hamill 
  • Open Research Librarian, Ms R Clarke 
  • Open Research Librarian, Mr S Gorman 
  • Research Data Librarian, Dr M O’Connor 
  • Research Data Librarian, Dr K Stevenson

Relevant University Officers as required

Serviced by: Open Research Office (Library Services)   
Reports to:

Research and Innovation Committee 

Education Committee (Quality and Standards) as required 
Receives reports from University Committees and Working Groups as required