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Needs Assessment Centre

Support, Advice & Guidance
Needs Assessment Centre

The Needs Assessment Centre welcomes all Queen’s university prospective or existing students entitled to DSA funding. Queen’s Needs Assessment Centre assessors have a wealth of experience in supporting students with a wide range of needs.

The Needs Assessment Centre provides support, advice and guidance on the DSA process from the application for funding to receiving your recommended support. We are also open to students attending other UK universities and Republic of Ireland universities.

Assessors from the Needs Assessment Centre have a wealth of experience in supporting students with a wide range of needs. These needs can encompass anything from physical disabilities, medical conditions, mental health difficulties and specific learning differences (like dyslexia). Your Needs Assessment Centre experience will ensure that your needs assessment will be individual and tailored specifically to prepare you for university life and in reach your potential.

Please note, needs assessments will be completed within a maximum of 15 working days from the first point of contact.


To book an assessment please contact the Needs Assessment Centre:


Telephone:  028 9097 5062


Please click on the below links for more information:

Please see our Needs Assessment Video video below:

‘Please note that not all support discussed on this webpage will be available to all students. Your funding body will make the final decision regarding the level of funding and support available to you.

If you feel that this falls short of your needs, the University will work with you to identify where alternative support or funding options can be made available / provided.’