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Disability Code of Practice

Supporting Students with Disabilities

The Disability Support Code of Practice provides useful information about a framework for the University’s support provision for students with disabilities and long-term conditions. The Code is reviewed annually to ensure changes in legislation and student finance are considered alongside feedback from students, staff, external agencies and other stakeholders. 

Disability Services Code of Practice (QOL Access Required) 

This link will be updated shortly. If you need to consult the Disability Code of Practice urgently, please contact 


Guidelines for Staff

Working with students registered with Disability Services

Disability Services have prepared a number of helpful guidelines documents for staff supporting students with:

  • Guidelines for Medical Evidence Required
  • Marking the work of students with a Specific Learning Difficult (SpLD)
  • Working with SpLD students
  • Creating accessible content
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Order (SENDO) Legislation 

View the Guidelines here


School Disability Advisers

Information for your Role

We've put together a manual to help guide you as you carry out your School role in supporting students with disabilities. 

Information for Disability Advisers

Staff FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions aim to provide you with support

Click below to access our list of FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions