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Registering with Disability Services
Guidelines for Supporting Documentation Required

 If you are advising students on registering with Disability Services, we have included guidance for you to share with them.

This includes information on:

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Staff Guidance
Special Examination Arrangements and Support

Special examination arrangements and supports apply when any change from the normal examination processes and procedures are proposed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • change in the date
  • change in time
  • change in venue
  • additional time
  • smaller venue
  • rest breaks

Click here to view the Guidelines on Special Examination Arrangements and Supports

Click here to view the Special Examination Arrangements and Supports Form

SpLD Marking Guidelines
Marking the work of students with a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

We have prepared the following guidelines to help you in marking the work of students with an SpLD.

Guidelines for Marking the Work of Students with a Specific Learning Difficulty

Staff Guidance
Working with SpLD students

The following guide sets out a number of ways for you to work effectively and collaboratively with SpLD students.

Guidance for Supporting Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Accessibility Guidelines
Creating Accessible Content

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines sets out a number of requirements for institutions such as universities to follow, in relation to creating accessible content.

Click below to view the Accessibility Checklist for Course Content, which includes the Accessibility do's and don'ts, from the Centre for Educational Development (CED). 

Accessibility Checklist for Course Content

University-Provided Support is Guided by Legislation
Special Educational Needs and Disability Order (SENDO)

It may be helpful for you to familiarise yourself with this Short Guide, prepared by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI). 

Click here to view SENDO legislation