Staff Contact Information

The Student Finance Office includes the following areas:

Tuition Fees Section

Responsible for:

  • Overseeing the financial enrolment of all students;
  • The assessment of tuition fees and related charges for all students.;
  • The collection of tuition fees and related charges.


Tuition Fee Officer
Anouska Johnson
ext: 2729

Tuition Fee Officer
Lynsey Marshall
ext: 2853


Student Support and Bursary Section

Responsible for:

  • Assessment of Student Support fund application;
  • Administration of University Bursary Schemes.


Support Fund Administrator
Pauline Wasson
ext: 2854

Bursary Officer
Pauline Marley
ext: 2896


Income Section

Responsible for:

  • Reconciling the University’s bank accounts;
  • Receipting and banking all income received at the Student Finance Office.


Bank Reconciliation Officer
Caroline Norman
ext: 2847

Lodgement Clerk
Gary McGrath
ext: 2858


Other Staff Contacts

Student Finance Accountant
Orla Russell
ext: 2846

Assistant Student Finance Accountant
Marie McCullough
ext: 2849