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Students as Healthy Learners

Learning Development Service
Students as Healthy Learners

The Students as Healthy Learners project is a School module-based activity led by the Learning Development Service in collaboration with academic staff. The aim of this project is to better understand how students are learning and any challenges encountered in their transition to University study.

I am an UG module coordinator, how can my students join this project?

The Students as Healthy Learners project comprises an in-person classroom feedback activity with undergraduate module groups. It offers a space for students to provide authentic perspectives on everyday learning practices. In response, the LDS team will review this information and identify opportunities for appropriate learning interventions and options for making available additional academic skills resources. The team will work with School staff to deliver these supports in undergraduate programmes, as required.

During the activity, students are asked a series of questions on themes including:

  • Healthy learning 
  • Transition (to University learning)
  • Independent study 
  • Work-life and study balance 
  • Support with learning 
  • Time management and assessments 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you would like your students to get involved in the Students as Healthy Learners project, please contact

Transition Skills for University

Transition Skills for University has been created by the Learning Development Service with input from colleagues in the Student Wellbeing Service, Disability Services, the Library, University Schools, and students.

Click on the link below to see how the Students as Healthy Learners project has informed our Transition Skills for University learning resources for students on Canvas.

Transition Skills for University