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2021: Easier Said Than Done

2021: Easier Said Than Done – Recap or Reset? Drop-in Sessions

It doesn’t all end here now. Moving forward, and applying these goals to your future is an integral part of realising your new or modified habits.

Girl sitting on sofa with phone. Text overlay which reads "2021: Easier Said Than Done - Recap or Reset? Drop-in sessions"
January 25, 2021 - January 28, 2021
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09:00 - 17:00

We hope that you have enjoyed taking part in our 2021: Easier Said Than Done Programme.

You may have experienced highs and lows along the way – whatever you are feeling, whether that is a sense of accomplishment, or perhaps feeling a little disappointed, it is entirely valid! Progress is rarely linear, and it is important to our own recovery that we learn how best to respond, and try again.

These drop-in sessions are a chance for you to reflect. Do you need a recap on how to apply your goal moving forward? Or do you need to reset, re-evaluate how to achieve your goals, or try again? The beauty of individual goal-setting means that you have unlimited attempts – all it takes is one lucky attempt to keep the momentum going!

Register for one of our drop-in sessions, to speak to one of the team from the Student Wellbeing Service. We will help you to recap or reset, and apply your goals moving forward.

You do not need to have taken part in any of the earlier sessions to book a drop-in appointment. We will welcome any student!

Sessions are now open for registration! First come, first served. Click here to book your session

These sessions are really informal, so you don't need to prepare a huge amount in advance. Just reflect on how the month has gone, and we’ll give you some guidance!

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This event is being ran as part of the "2021: Easier Said Than Done" campaign, organised by the Student Wellbeing Service. Please click here to view the rest of the programme, and explore how you can get involved! 

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