Parental Consent

Parental Consent Form 2018-19

Queen's University Belfast is committed to supporting all students throughout their time at Queen's. A range of support services are available to all students, providing information, advice and specialist services. We encourage students to engage with support services, and to ask for assistance where needed.

The University requires all parents/guardians of students who will be under 18 on their first day of studies must complete a consent form (which can be completed online by following the link below) acknowledging that they have read the University's Supporting Students Under the age of 18 Policy and understand the limitations of the University in communicating with them. We hope that this information helps to clarify to you where the University can provide assistance, helps you in considering the safety and wellbeing of your child.

As you can see from the Policy, we will write to all students under the age of 18 outlining support available to them and ensuring they are aware of specific legal points relating to being under the age of 18.

What we can do:
• Ensure your son/daughter is aware of support available to them at Queen's
• Meet with your son/daughter if they have any concerns or questions 
• Ensure your son/daughter has a point of contact at University within their School and other support areas (e.g. Accommodation, Welfare etc.) 
• Ensure your son/daughter are aware of some specific legal issues whilst under age of 18 in Northern Ireland
• Act on any concerns identified to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students
• Help with settling in/transition to the University accommodation and study.

What we can't do: 
• Take parental responsibility for your son/daughter
• Under Data Protection we cannot discuss your son/daughter's progress/attendance etc. with you (unless we have written consent from your son/daughter which specifies what we can discuss, and in what circumstances)
• Force your son/daughter to engage with support services. If we are aware of a concern, we will try to speak to them, and make them aware of support available. 
• Undertake any of the actions set out in the consent form without the permission of a parent or legal guardian – which you can provide by submitting the form.

Click here to sign the Parental Consent Form

Ideally, this must be completed by the parent / guardian of a student who is under the age of 18 before Friday 7th September with the latest deadline of Monday 24th September (which is the first day of teaching for new students).